About Remedy Woman

My story

I am Susan and I live in the Yukon. I want to help you connect with the land, and yourself, and heal your physiology because doing these things will help you rejuvenate and feel better.

Let me tell you about me.

First, I come from a family heritage that includes British public school, ministers and teachers on my dad’s side, and proud American settlers on my maternal side. I started out on a family-celebrated track, doing a Masters in History and then Art History, and competing at a high level in rowing. But due to the need to heal my fatigue, I then took a different direction…

This journey made me face some things, I mean literally feel the pain of them in my body to let them go:

As a descendent of white colonizers I carry their dna and some responsibility for how things are right now. Yet I can heal this in myself. I can now see that their culture damaged them through the same system they forced on others, while thinking this made them superior.

Living in the Yukon right now, we are learning about the genocidal legacy of residential schools. Forcing First Nations children to assimilate, trying to stamp out their culture and replace it with British style education caused terrible harm to the First Nations culture and people. Working in the schools, I can see the effect it still has on students.  Personally, I was trained in the old-school British mentality to try to dominate academically and in the workplace. I have realized the flaws of that system, because it causes us to be self-centred, which is not only destroying us as a society but also as a species, due to our effect on the environment.

I have needed to clear my dad’s veteran PTSD from his ww2 experience as a pilot (a toxic mixture of pride and pain ramped up by association with that Imperial British flavour).

As an heir of this distorting tradition, I struggled. I exhausted myself from over-achieving and ignoring my own early childhood PTSD from a cluster of family bereavements. I was so relieved and happy as I started to connect with my body, to feel healthy and realize I should say no to things that were not right for me. And then reconnect with what I found inspiring and useful…

Realizing that:

Our Remedies are All Around Us – in Nature and synchronicities that happen each day

and that my Yukon Oracle Cards could chart my own Journey of Personal Renewal

So I made the Yukon Oracle cards with photographs of nature around where I live. I remembered that in my own culture, Western culture, Nature used to be seen as more than a backdrop to our lives. My people felt that nature speaks in symbols that can help guide us, before losing that awareness with the rise of industrialism.

I now experience symbolism and synchronicities like facing and healing my British heritage in the Yukon, as well as learning tools to heal myself and take forward what was good about my heritage (a strong love for beauty, art, Nature, literature).

My Yukon Oracle Cards draw a line through my life – from my childhood to the Art History I loved while living in London England in the 1990s – to my Yukon life.

If you know your stories and sources of your trauma but you are still stuck, I can help you retrieve your sense of wholeness and clarity. Through considering your past, your relation to the land, your physiological state and your intuition with the Yukon Oracle cards, I can help you find some answers!!

Accreditation, Education & Experience:
Reiki Master
Compassion Key Master
Accredited Practitioner, “The Journey” Brandon Bays ,
Practitioner, Past Life Regressions
Certified Foot Reflexologist
Astrology: Birth Charts analysis
Certified Practitioner, Australian Bush Flower Essences
MA History of Art
7 years working in Environmental and Holistic Mental Health non-profits
5 years Instructor (sessional & part time), Women’s & Gender Studies, Indigenous Women’s History, Women and Social Justice 2011-2015
5 years High School Educational Assistant