Remedy Ritual Full Blue Moon in Scorpio 18 May 2019

At the side of the Yukon River in Whitehorse, I dipped my bowl to collect some water. Then I poured brandy over the water at 2.11pm, to “fix” the blue moon energy at the exact moment of fullness. I also said a prayer to set the intention to engage in the most healing way with the intense energy of this Scorpio full moon. Scorpio deals with the deep places in our psyches, and thus is said to be a tough place to have the moon, which deals with our emotions, because it goes so deep. Though blue moons are apparently lucky, so this depth likely means transformation in a good way.

This all gave the context for safe shifting of some heavy emotional stuff. But I also prefer to just go with the flow when there is a full moon. Interestingly enough, as the weekend progressed I had some great conversations which I had been too anxious to broach before. And some events occurred that could have been genuinely dangerous but had a safe outcome… So all in all, we moved gently through some deep waters. And in fact I see this as a main gift of energywork, that it eases the pressure cooker, safely releasing what could have been not alright. Thank goodness!!