Buck Moon Remedy 16 July 2019 at 2.34pm

The lunar eclipse maximum moment was 2.31pm Yukon time and the full moon moment was 2.38pm, so this was made in the moments between the two… and I must say that the energy was high, I could feel it running through me like electricity!

The July moon is called the Buck moon because it is the time when deer/bucks start to develop their antlers, and in my life there have been lots of lively though rewarding interactions with the masculine! From work through to family. And with Saturn (the Masculine) in Capricorn on the South Node, this is an effective time for clearing karma. Meanwhile with Venus in Cancer conjunct the North Node it is in line with our evolutionary path to deal lovingly with all.

So, gathering the flowers ~ columbine, dandelion, yarrow, fireweed ~ and placing them in water to make the remedy along with Aspen (the goddess tree) and Spruce (more masculine with those needles though an all round healer), as well as my son gifting me some of his Mango rum he had to pour onto the flowers to seal the energy (though it will steep overnight before I bottle it), I feel as if I have covered the bases needed for interpersonal relating here. Leaving it surrounded with crystals Tiger Iron, Obsidian, Labradorite and Ammonite to ground things, this is my bit today to help save the world through healing relationships. What more can I say! That’s my main interest here at Remedy Woman.