Yukon Oracle Cards

Yukon Oracle Cards

Cards sell in the millions to people seeking guidance from the universe and their intuition, in fields ranging from business to self-help.

Restoring the part of you excited to follow your dreams is crucial! I have done decades of helpful inner work with divination decks, invoking my body’s guidance as well as connection to heroic and angelic archetypes.

But… I now find that grounding my request for path-finding in Nature, as well, brings even better answers! Especially as spending time in Nature is well known to help us relax and heal, boosting the immune system, reducing anxiety and depression. Becoming stronger through orienting to our natural surroundings, we anchor our quests in more real sources of inspiration.

Since Nature helps us heal and can guide us, it makes sense that we value it (let alone that our society depends on it to function at all).

In return, when we include Nature in our hopes for the future, we make its continued well-being a part of our plans. We ask ourselves, “How can I manifest my own dreams, while keeping the good of all nature in mind and intention?” It sounds simple, yet this day to day choosing is empowerment. How we move forward in the moment is how we shift our lives.

It’s time for us to learn again to look to Nature for guidance, as traditional cultures do, including Western culture with its own history of natural symbolism.

One way to tune into Nature’s guidance and healing energy even more is with a reading with the Yukon Oracle Cards: yukonoraclereading@gmail.com.

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Just my thoughts:

When we pay attention, we can see that Nature acts as a bridge between what is actually happening and what we can see as hopeful new possibilities if we reorient our vision. Nature’s feedback becomes personal to me, if I look for clues. I have even noticed over the years that it continues to show up to support me in bringing the results I seek. It is another tool, similar to writing down my dreams, where paying attention to its feedback allows me to trust it more and more.

For example, I was puzzling over a question recently. Then I went to go swimming and the lake looked like this. This beauty cheered me up immediately, let alone answering my question: do some reflecting on that issue! It also inspired this Yukon Oracle card called Reflection.

Another card is Cloud Angel. This points out that even if my thoughts feel fragmented like clouds, they can still remind me of angels, which can shift my mood. Clouds also deliver nourishing rain~ so to continue the analogy with my thoughts, maybe they will bring good outcomes too even if they drift a little.

Nature can advise us on how to move forward creatively along our journeys. Similar to receiving guidance during a shamanic quest done in the wilderness by seeing a wild animal or natural event, every day Nature can offer signs relevant to you where you are, helping you move through life with ease and confidence.

Most people now know that higher levels of self-awareness come from contemplating and clearing our inner selves, and regulating physiologically (attuning through the 5 senses which stabilizes us while also clearing difficult emotions inside). This is step one. Step 2 is Journaling to record your visionary insights because journaling anchors your thoughts into the greater reality of being recorded. This leads to greater clarity.

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Shop for Yukon Oracle cards, Guidance book and Workbook: yukonoracle.etsy.com