Harness Your Power sessions

 What you get from working with Remedy Woman

Do you already follow a healing path?

Do you already know that healing is a Spiral where you revisit issues but from a more healed place?

Yet do you find that you are blocked by some issues

~ again and again~ ?

~ despite your knowledge of the healing process and all the work you’ve done to change things? 

What would you do if you had 90 days of support to finally clear those blocks? 

What if you had private sessions to look forward to, to work on transforming those frustrations into the inner power that they are?

And find out that they really are the energy of your deepest desires? And with that energy now available, to move forward in a state of renewed enthusiasm for living.

In my work with clients, I help them reconnect with those deepest places, with their inner power and persistence replacing feelings of frustration and futility.

Access your body’s wisdom, your personal archives within of emotions and memories, to reclaim your vitality. Through past life regression, druidic soulstar astrology, intuitive readings and reiki, clients I have worked with have found deeper love, moved beyond having chronic pain, and resolved difficult work situations. One client even had a medical “miracle”: her metasticized cancer tumour gone at her next checkup, after sessions with me.


Here is what past clients say:

 “In our sessions together, Susan has helped me connect with my core and work more successfully with my power, helping me feel much more confident and ultimately powerful.” WC, Whitehorse YT

“My session with Susan was so lovely and empowering – it felt like catching up with an old friend.  She was very detailed and was sure to check in that I was receiving and understanding all the information in the readings.  Her warm nature meant I was able to feel at ease with her straight away and after the session I felt so relaxed like I’d been on a holiday!  The session was very thorough and insightful and I didn’t want it to end.  Thank you Susan! X” FM, Perth Australia

“Susan is a very gifted healer and energy worker.  She has a passionate and tender love for Mother Earth that really elevates her healing abilities.  Susan has the special ability to make connections between larger energetic forces at play in the collective and how they might be impacting us on an individual soul level.  I am often amazed at her deep insight and wisdom into any issues that I am facing. She has gently helped me identify and clear negative patterns and blocks that were not serving me. I feel safe and secure opening up and going deep with Susan as she listens with sincere empathy and understanding.  I feel much lighter, freer, and at ease after a session with Susan”. PF Austin, Texas




Studying history to MA level and teaching it at college as a way to understand our society, I only learned its deep importance much later. History’s power lies in it not only as an academic discipline, but as a source of health. Learning what really happened, in the big picture but also one’s own personal history, actually heals trauma. Meanwhile the body has always known the score ~ unconsciously even if not consciously. This is now being proven with the science of epigenetics. From one’s heritage to one’s immediate family patterns, once you release the pain you carry and accept the knowledge its trapped emotions carry, by bringing it all to your awareness, then the body can heal as well.

And I also realized that when I changed my relationship from feeling oppressed by my sensitivity to history, to feeling connected to other people because of it, this became a source of my sense of empowerment.

I work ongoingly to heal my relationships with my loved ones here and gone, and my ancestral lineage, and I gain wisdom with each clearing. For a long time I struggled to understand what my own issues were, due to my own trauma being from my pre-verbal childhood (see About). I have had to learn to follow indirect clues and triggers to a place where the puzzle pieces fit together and one gets the needed insight to dissolve the issue, break through and move forward.

With enthusiasm, persistence and skill, I can help you tackle your deep tough questions and find their underlying roots, dissolving, rebooting, realigning. I will hold space for you as you navigate this terrain.

Why 90 Days?

This period of time, the equivalent of one season, has been identified as a key period for shifting stuck stuff. In 90 days, you can change old habits and make dramatic and measurable changes in your life. You have the chance to move forward to where you want to be. You have the opportunity to reflect on the changes within yourself and your world and create your life with intention.

Does your guidance tell you this is the right path for you? Then I welcome you to work with me.

As you move out of your current experience into a deeper, more whole-hearted way of living, you will learn that this path has its own rhythm. You may find yourself taking one step forward and two steps back at times. Stay open to your guidance and KEEP NOTICING what is coming back to you as feedback. You’ll be working at all levels , as you integrate the changes you are making physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Harness Your Power:

  • An initial 90-minute Session with Remedy Woman Susan Gwynne-Timothy
  • 8x 1-hour Private Healing Calls scheduled at your convenience with Susan Gwynne-Timothy
  • “Clearing your blocks” course to work through at your own pace
  • On-going e-mail access to Susan Gwynne-Timothy during your coaching program
  • I am ready to work with you!

    No time will ever be better than right now. I encourage you to give this gift to yourself.

    Imagine working over the next 90 days to get yourself on track. Find yourself feeling better, and seeing new positive results in your life, transforming issues that have frustrated and saddened you for so long.

    You know if this is right for you. I am here to assist you if you want to make sense of the things you have been blocked by, in creating your most desired life.

    Be excited about what is possible for you.

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