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Our Remedies are All Around Us 

Ask the Yukon Oracle for advice 

And receive guidance on many issues 


This can spark thoughts on how to recover your health, if you are burnt out or ill, in a way that supports your goals, by attuning through the 5 senses to the world around, while also heeding your inner feelings  

Or thoughts on relieving anxiety you may feel about the climate crisis and state of the world.  

Or thoughts on how you can contribute, including find a good work situation,

in a way aligned to Nature 

Harmonize Nature’s input with your healing and your goals to help you value and thus protect Nature,

by downloading these freebie Yukon Oracle Journal pages. (FREEBIE 1: LINK TO DOWNLOADABLE PAGES TO BE ADDED) 

Using the cards as a prompt to both your intuition and somatic awareness, please record the guidance YOU receive from Nature, as it speaks through the Yukon Oracle Cards.

Also remember: having blocks, and the intensity of your blocks, is not necessarily a bad thing!! 

I mean, yes they are indications of unresolved issues. But what if they exist due to your Bodywisdom holding onto them until you are ready to bring them to consciousness? What if healing and even just accessing them needs to be done with care?

The block can in fact indicate the power of your desire, think of a dam. But you need to learn to free up stuck energy in a safe way.

 Sign up for free Yukon Oracle Workbook journaling pages (or FREEBIE 2?: older freebie ebook where you will learn to unearth your blocks in a grounded way, and transform them).

This ebook describes the basic process, the building block of what you will do when you work with me:

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