About Remedy Woman

 What you get from working with Remedy Woman

Claim your floaty soul space as a safe environment, where you can welcome back your inner child pieces. Recognize how you held the hero space from inside difficult events.

As Remedy Woman I help you:

  • learn your inner child’s unique mode of communication with you. Your own recurring imagery, memories or stories, myths and super heroes appear in your life and your dreams as signs to guide you, if you have eyes to see
  • harness your star power ~ see how you interact with the archetypal energies present in your astrological chart
  • hold the space while you reintegrate your adult self with the child’s resiliency and sense of joy in the hero journey
  • claim your more conscious and creative life

Honour your uniquely personal heroic voyage by recognizing symbols and clues that are uniquely yours, that you gather from your inner child’s vocabulary of images.  These help you in the present to move forward in a stronger and richer way of living  again.

And that as a result you can find even greater resilience, and move on with your life, reconnecting with yourself as:

  • Relaxed
  • Energized
  • Able to focus, think more clearly and learn again
  • More available for engaging with your day to day activities
  • Able to make practical choices for our own self-care, in alignment with your soul
  • More drawn to healthy situations which support your wellbeing, so you can enjoy life

In healing our inner child, you help heal others around you, from your family to your day to day relationships.

My story

I am a survivor of early childhood trauma ~ several family bereavements, along with my dad having wartime PTSD. I am from an ambitious, professional yet loving family, which had a self image of winner, and thus no time for their own woundedness. They did not know how to process their trauma, so it was just papered over, the extent of it buried in incomprehension.

My path to recovery

I always knew the story of what happened in my family, but it took me decades to understand the impact on myself and what to do to heal that. Family members would get concerned about me obsessing about things, while also being dreamy. But in fact, that dreaminess allowed me to touch my pain while still feeling safe.

I learned gradually how to resolve it and become more focussed in the here and now.  I have done extensive healing work to release the trauma and move forward happily, in my life.

I can help others who were wounded in similar ways to me, who know their stories but are mystifyingly still stuck, retrieve their sense of wholeness, happiness, energy themselves and their clarity. I have worked for 8 years with vulnerable adults at a holistic mental health non-profit as well as 15 years as a healer. I have worked with troubled children who are revved up and unable to focus.

I have my MA in Art History, and have taught courses on healing, women’s studies and history. I have thought a lot about how not only our family history but also our society sets us up to behave in ways that keep us in a semi traumatized state, revved up and unhealed, paralyzed and looking out, rather than able to relax and heal through looking in and hearing our inner guidance, connecting with our inner sources of resilience and wisdom. I make healing remedies at different phases of the moon and of the planets, as revealed in astrology, which support us in our healing process.

I have learned that when we step back to heal ourselves, we help heal all those we come into contact with, by helping them make the similar switch.

Healing happens! Both physically and emotionally

My healing journey is 20 years long and has had several chapters. However a wonderful part of learning to follow my inner child’s guidance has been not only emotional healing, but also regaining my physical health. In retrospect I realized:

  • My chronic exhaustion was caused by years stress that affected my hormone balance. I had blamed myself for being exhausted for many years, not knowing my hormones were off!
  • I had never known that the ridiculously heavy periods I had when on the pill in my early 30s, could have messed with my hormones in a way that would cause exhaustion in me later
  • I never knew that the stress for me of my father’s decline and death, also in my early 30s, also depleted my hormone production.

These symptoms all led up to me developing my health problems. Although I did lots of healing at the time I had surgery, I was still not out of the woods. Three years later, I stlil struggled with heavy periods and vaginal infections but by this time believed it was perimenopause. I would never have bothered following up with seeing a Naturopath and getting the testing I needed, if I hadn’t already done years of healing and was getting nudged by my inner child and strong guidance to get this looked at. Then the Naturopath had me tested for hormone production and they were so unbalanced that she started me on natural hormone therapy immediately. This finally made the difference and my symptoms resolved.

And that is just one example of healing that has happened for me personally!

Our own heroic, sacred stories of recovery enrich us and teach us important wisdom lessons. Having been in a state of trauma can be a holy experience that ultimately brings you closer to Source and guidance on how to live a better life as you recognize how others have themselves tackled the voyage of soul development through their own sacred stories.

“The crack is where the light gets in” Leonard Cohen

“Except ye become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven” Gospel according to St Matthew 18:3

“The child is the father of the man” William Wordsworth, The Prelude

“Wild Child, Full of Grace, Saviour of the Human Race” Jim Morrison, The Doors