Yukon Oracle Cards

Our Remedies are All Around Us

Yukon Oracle Cards: A Journey of Personal Renewal

Come check out Nature as an option for guidance.
If we pay attention, we can see that it acts as a bridge between what is actually happening
and what we can see as hopeful new possibilities if we reorient our vision.

Giving significance to Nature’s feedback as being personal to me if I look for clues,
and noticing that it continues to show up to support me in bringing the
results I seek, allows me to trust it.

For example, I was puzzling over a question when I went to go swimming last summer and the lake looked like this, inspiring the card called Reflection. That beauty cheered me up immediately, let alone giving me the advice to do some reflecting on that issue!

Cloud Angel acknowledged that even if my thoughts feel fragmented, so are clouds, yet they also deliver nourishing rain.

With hints like these, Nature can advise us on how to move forward creatively along our journeys. Just as you might receive guidance during a shamanic quest done in the wilderness by seeing a wild animal or natural event, Nature can offer signs relevant to you every day where you are, helping you move through life with ease and confidence.

Most people now know that higher levels of self-awareness come from contemplating and clearing our inner selves. But with nature known to help reduce anxiety and depression, we become even stronger when we also orient to our surroundings. This is known as regulating physiologically (attuning through the 5 senses to stabilize while also clearing difficult emotions inside). This is step one. Step 2 is Journaling to record your visionary insights because journaling anchors your thoughts into the greater reality of being recorded.

Do a reading with the Yukon Oracle Cards to tune into this guidance and healing energy even more!
Anchor those insights you had, by journaling.
More clarity leads to better choices.
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