Yukon Oracle Cards: A Journey of Personal Renewal

A Journey of personal renewal is part of an outward journey, into new experiences and learning new skills, and part inner journey to grow into new aspects of self, manifest desired outcomes, and to find physical or emotional healing. The renewal journey involves setting an intention for things to change~ and stepping out into the unknown, and the liminal places where transformation happens.

This process is both active and receptive. Open as wide as possible to all elements of reality, from our society to our families to our own bodies, from subtle dimensions to the teachings of Nature.

Nature is more than a backdrop to our lives, it also reflects back to us hints about how to can proceed, if we have eyes to see. In the same vein of receiving guidance during shamanic quests done in the wilderness, opening to Nature at any time can teach us many things about ourselves and itself on our journey, being both a guide and an augury. These cards help us tune into messages from Nature.

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