Remedy Woman Guidance.

For when you have become stuck on your journey, and need to
try differently.

I can help in those times when you are finding it hard to function in day to day life.

Our remedies are all around us… Boosts that get you going in the right direction are available. I will help you develop the eyes to see… and guide you to recognizing what you need… from taking remedies to going in to Nature and relaxing there, to having the right conversrations…

Starting at asking: what if the on-going intensity of your feelings is actually an invitation to get to know yourself better, to learn, to re-balance yourself?

Symptoms of being stuck (alas so often, due to unresolved trauma):

  • Obsessively concerned with the events or people or hurt associated with the preoccupying events
  • Hypervigilant yet exhausted
  • Paralyzed
  • Easily triggered
  • Unable to focus and learn new skills
  • Drawn to situations which are hurtful or unsafe that recreate the environment where you were hurt
  • Even doing things like listening obsessively to heavy rock music that holds the emotional intensity of the traumatic experience

These are normal and valid reactions, as you are drawn to recreate the emotional flavour of the trauma in an attempt to master that. But if the experience was too overwhelming, you stay there…. being:

  • Dreamy and preoccupied
  • Unfocussed
  • Unable to engage in normal interactions

This dreamy place is not “wrong”. It actually helps you survive and remain in overview

However it is not helpful to be unable to resume your daily life

Processing the events’ trauma in a safe, protected way, can help you.

And the dreamy and hyper-reactive states are super important symptoms~ and can be doorways into healing the underlying emotions. Getting you safely back to review the original hurt of similar resonance suffered by your inner child, and heal it at that point of origin.

Working with me, you claim this floaty soul space as a safe environment, where you can welcome back your inner child pieces. If you suffered trauma that keeps you at a distance from yourself despite having done a fair amount of healing work, so that you sort of float through life because you haven’t learned how to engage creatively with the pain, talk to me. I can help you recognize how you held the hero space from inside difficult events.

As Remedy Woman I help you learn your inner child’s unique mode of communication with you. Recognize your own recurring imagery, memories that mark your own hero journey with its own myths and super heroes. See how your personal symbols continue to appear in your life and your dreams ~ as guidance, if you can understand them, to a richer life now.

Harness your star power ~ see how you interact with the archetypal energies, which are also present in your astrological chart

Hold the space while you reintegrate your adult self with the child’s resiliency and sense of joy

With that greater resilience moving forward, relaxed, energized, more available for your day to day activities. Aligned with your soul while also more drawn to healthy situations which support your wellbeing, so you can enjoy regular life.

In healing your inner child, you help heal others around you.

Our own heroic, sacred stories of recovery enrich us and teach us important wisdom lessons. You realize that having been in a state of trauma can be a holy experience that ultimately brings you closer to Source and guidance on how to live a better life as you recognize how others have themselves tackled the voyage of soul development through their own sacred stories.

“The crack is where the light gets in” Leonard Cohen

“Except ye become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven” Gospel according to St Matthew 18:3

“The child is the father of the man” William Wordsworth, The Prelude

“Wild Child, Full of Grace, Saviour of the Human Race” Jim Morrison, The Doors