Welcome to Yukon Oracle cards and Remedywoman

I am here to call out to that innate Oracle and Remedy person in all of us

Remedy people are greatly needed now to navigate through this time

One way to do this is through seeking intuitive guidance, drawing Oracle cards and journaling

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A remedy is a treatment for an injury, and even has a legal definition since a legal remedy means to achieve justice in any matter in which legal rights are involved.

How we are currently treating nature and ourselves is a health issue as well as on-going moral injury (even if in some ways inadvertent)

And the remedy, the way we can heal and repair the injury, is by becoming more aware, which includes reconnecting to our own true nature, our unique inner human nature and outer nature in the world

This is why I call myself Remedywoman and I think everyone else has this capacity too, if we work to develop our attunement to what will remedy our situation, in ourselves.

My Yukon Oracle cards are one way of opening to this ability, so I invite you to try them out yourself.

Shop for Yukon Oracle cards, set, guidance book and workbook: yukonoracle.etsy.com

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Here is what past clients say:

 “Susan has helped me connect with my core and work more successfully with my power, helping me feel much more confident.” WC, Whitehorse YT

“My session with Susan was so lovely and empowering – it felt like catching up with an old friend.  She was very detailed thorough and insightful.  Her warm nature meant I was able to feel at ease with her straight away. Afterwards I felt so relaxed like I’d been on a holiday!  I didn’t want it to end.  Thank you!” FM, Perth Australia

“Susan is a very gifted healer and energy worker.  She has a passionate and tender love for Mother Earth that really elevates her healing abilities.  Susan has the special ability to make connections between larger energetic forces at play in the collective and how they might be impacting us on an individual soul level.  I am often amazed at her deep insight and wisdom into any issues that I am facing. She has gently helped me identify and clear negative patterns and blocks that were not serving me. I feel safe and secure opening up and going deep with Susan as she listens with sincere empathy and understanding.  I feel much lighter, freer, and at ease after a session with Susan”. PF Austin, Texas