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Divination and Oracle card decks sell in the millions to people seeking guidance from the universe and their intuition, in fields ranging from business to self-help.

Restoring the part of you wanting to follow your dreams is crucial. I have done decades of helpful inner work based on the ideas of many divination decks invoking my body’s connection to heroic and angelic archetypes. But I now find that grounding my request for imaginative path-finding in Nature as well as my body’s wisdom brings more relevant answers, especially as spending time in Nature is well known to help us relax and feel happier which in turn allow us to anchor our vision quests in more real sources of inspiration.

So let us also look to Nature for guidance, as most traditional cultures do, including Western culture with its own history of natural symbolism.

Nature is an option for guidance because it acts as a bridge
between what is actually happening and what we can see as hopeful
new possibilities if we reorient our vision.

Giving significance to its evolving, quirky and very personal feedback,
and noticing that it continues to show up to support me in bringing the
results I seek, allows me to trust it.

Going to Nature also heals people. Nature relaxes us, boosts the immune
system, and helps improve our mood and mental health. And since
Nature helps us heal and can guide us, it makes sense that we value
it (let alone that our society depends on it to function at all).
In return, when we decide to factor Nature into our hopes for the
future, we make its continued well-being a part of our plans. We ask
ourselves, “How can I manifest my own dreams, while keeping the good
of all nature in mind and intention?”

A card for each week

Read the description of a card, then journal! Write down your
reaction to the card, or synchronicities you see in nature, or in your
regular life that occur, or dreams you might be having, and think
about how these relate to your goals. Journaling will help you tap into
Universal energies, of which Nature is a part, to assist you in situations
where you are not sure how to proceed.

Think about how or whether Nature reflects your life and guides you.
Similar to when we see the interconnectedness between our own
situation and the sight of a particular bird or moose, I hope that such
contemplation can help you link up ideas that drive you forward in your
desired direction. Developing this awareness of how natural energies
are helping us is an enjoyable Journey, and when we enjoy something
we get more benefit from it. We pay more attention to things we love,
so when we acknowledge that Nature renews and heals us, we value it
more. With our natural world threatened by human overuse and misuse,
healing ourselves by attuning to Nature will also help us find ways to
live creatively in harmony with it. Our lives will be better and the Earth
can heal. Using these nature-based Yukon Oracle cards can be a
factor in this process.

All to say, what would you find if you attuned to the Universe in a way also grounded in the Natural world, by consulting the Yukon Oracle deck? What if attuning to Nature while visualizing your goals, helped you live more appreciatively within our shared world ~ which needs healing too?
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